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Breezy Mills Windmills- Decorative Farm Yard Windmills
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Breezy Mills puts the yard windmill back on the farm homestead. We manufacture a complete line of the highest quality, American made windmills on the market. Our selection of 17.5' to 45' windmills in aluminum are built to last a lifetime. Breezy Mills offers replacement fans for existing towers and pond aeration systems while controlling pond algae and greatly improving the growth of fish in the pond.

Breezy Mills ®   Box 292, Humboldt, IA  50548

Yard Windmills
Features of Breezy Mills Windmill Towers and Fans

*Breezy Mills Aluminum towers are four (4) legged and constructed out of real angle metal, not sheared and formed angles out of lightweight, pre-galvanized metal which could possibly rust where sheared.  Using formed angles are not as sturdy and we here at Breezy Mills feel they don't have the appearance of an original windmill.
Breezy Mills alum fans have 12 welded con caved balanced blades on the 4',5' and 6' for greater H.P. which takes less wind to turn.  No assemble required.

*Breezy Mills braking system on the and 40' windmill towers with and 8' fan, that has 18 blades, we simply mounted on the tail fin at a 90 degree angle, as shown in picture below. This allows the fan to turn freely and controls the speed in high winds.  On 4', 5' and 6' fans the tail fin is placed straight out and can run freely in any winds.  For aeration systems this gives you greater RPM's for greater air volume for aerating your pond.

*Breezy Mills Hubs are a five (5) bolt machined 3500# capacity hub with 1 1/8" tapered bearings with grease zerk which is filled with grease at the factory and should not need greasing for five (10) years or longer. All fans have painted red tips for appearance.

*Breezy Mills uses all 5 grade high quality bolts and nuts for long lasting appearance and strength. 

*Breezy Mills manufactures towers and fans in all aluminum.  Some windmill competitors feel the heavier it is, the better. That is simply not true.  When going from steel to aluminum we use thicker angles for towers and heavier aluminum for all fans.  The aluminum towers and fans are stronger than the same thing in steel, yet the aluminum is 60% lighter in weight.